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Training and Placement Cell

The college has established a separate placement cell. A full time Training and Placement Officer Ms. Padma Kandarkar is appointed for this activity. To increase the employability of students, several activities like Mock Interviews, Aptitude test, Soft skill training programs are conducted by the placement cell. Career guidance lectures are part of its activity. Placement Cell maintains database of final year B.Sc. (Computer Science), BCA, B.Com and M.Sc. IInd year students with their contact details. Placement related messages are sent to the students via college SMS facility. The job details are also sent to the students via email, students queries on recruitment are resolved on telephone. Placement Cell is constantly in touch with various IT companies for providing opportunities for campus placement. The college had conducted Online test of Persistent Systems , Syntel , TechMahindra , WNS global Services Pvt. Ltd, Amiworks and Webtech developers Pvt. Ltd. Even at an infant stage, the placement cell is successful, in placing 113 students in various renowned IT Companies till date.

Weekly aptitude test and Group discussion sessions were conducted by Training & Placement officer of the College. Soft skill training programs were arranged for all students by soft skill trainer. Technical sessions were conducted by various Industrial experts.

Under the guidance of Principal Dr. C. R. Birajdar, the college has signed MOU s with

  • Zensar technologies
  • Cognitive Exchange
  • Manasa Foundation Light channel.
  • Barclays

Zensar Techonlogies Solutions :

The objective of this training program is to help the students to get better employment opportunities and to bridge the gap between industry and Academics. This training program is free of cost to the students.

  • IMS technical training and Softskill training was conducted for TY B.Sc. (CS), TY BCA and M.Sc. (CS) IInd year students under employability skill development Program ( ESD) program of Zensar in the month of April – May 2016.
  • Campus Recruitment Training Program (CRTP) for TY B.Sc. (Comp.Science), TY BCA and M.Sc. (Comp. Science) II nd year students was conducted on 10 th Aug. 2016 by expert professional trainer.
  • The training program was based on soft skills and aptitude.
  • Group discussion, interview preparation etc were included in the Soft skill sessions. . It helped students to improve their communication skills and confidence level and Aptitude sessions helped them to understand the concepts about Quantitative, logical and Verbal reasoning etc. and to solve problems in minimum time
Softskill training under Zensar ESD Program

Aptitude training under Zensar ESD Program


The objective of this program is to enhance the technical skills and employability of the students..
Under the MOU, it will be conducting educational programs like technical lectures seminars for the students.


Cognitive Exchange : ( The objective of this program is to improve the communication skill and English speaking ability of the students.

Cognitive Exchange (CE) is a non-profit organization based at Folsom, California, USA founded by independent professionals and students. The mission of this Cognitive Exchange program is to help students globally to enhance key life skills like communication, organization and leadership. It is 8 weeks certification training program.

  • The college has conducted basic level Cognitive Sessions on every Saturday and Advanced level Cognitive sessions on every Monday via video conferencing for the students.
  • The college has successfully completed the four batches of basic level cognitive sessions and two batches of advance level cognitive sessions.
  • Cognitive Exchange team conducted basic level Speech competition on 24 th December 2016

Winners of the speech competition have bagged medals for their wonderful speeches.

Basic level Cognitive Exchange batch

  • Prashant Raje (SY BCA) : I st Winner
  • Anup Yadav (SY B.Sc. (CS)) : II nd Winner
  • Poonam More (TY BCA) : III rd Winner
  • Harsh Khasnis (TY B.Com) : Honorable Mention Award
Video conferencing Session

Manasa Foundation’s Light Channeling program :

The objective of the light channeling program is to helps the students to improve their memory and concentration and helps them immensely in their studies.

It  is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization involved in teaching Light Channeling to the College Students.
It is a positivation technique. Manasa Foundation conducts Light Channeling sessions once in a month at our college premises.

Light Channeling program of Meditation


The objective of this training program is to initiate the Global Youth Employability and to take a step in the direction of providing college students with a platform to enhance their employability potential.

The Art of Living Center for Skill development is providing opportunity to colleges to implement GLOBAL YOUTH EMPLOYABILITY INITIATIVE by Barclays PLC. Promoted by The Art of Living –International Association for Human Values (IAHV).

  • Certification will be provided after the assessment jointly by NSDC and Laurus Life Skill Eductech Pvt Ltd.
  • Shamika Vaidya (Trainer of Art of living) conducted five days Art of living course and softskill session in the month of Jan. 2016 for all final year students in the college premises. Students learnt Sudarshakriya (Breathing exercise) during these session.
Art of living Session

Campus placement activities for final year students.

  • The online test of WNS global services Pvt. Ltd. was conducted 26 th July 2016 for TY B.Com. Students. 7 students got selected during the recruitment drive.
  • The offline test of Stark Digital Media Services Pvt. Ltd. based on technical and numerical aptitude was conducted on 7th March 2017 for TY B.Sc. (CS), TY BCA and M.Sc. (CS) students.
  • Online test of GS lab (Product Development Company) was conducted on  24 th Jan 2017 Tuesday for the students of M.Sc. (Comp. Science) 2016 and 2017 pass out students. Job profile is Software Engineer (Development) and Software Engineer (Testing).
Online test of WNS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

Online test of GS Lab

Campus recruitment of Stark digital Media Services Pvt. Ltd.

Off-line test of Stark digital Media Services Pvt. Ltd.

The list of the students placed through College Campus Placement

Name of the Company Name of the Student Course
Persistent Systems Ltd 1) Parimal Kelkar (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
Care point Pvt. Ltd. 2) Priyanka Shaha M.Sc. (CS)
Omni Bridge Pvt. Ltd. 3) Ankita Thorat M.Sc. (CS)
TCS 4) Pratik Parajpe BCA
Wipro BPO 5) Kedar Vanarase B.Sc. (CS)
Vyoms Lab Pvt. Ltd. 6) Amruta Deshpande M.Sc. (CS)
L & T Infotech 7) Shraddha Mhalsekar M.Sc. (CS)
  8) Hiral Tauk B.Sc. (CS)
  9) Neha Balkawade BCA
Tech Mahindra Pvt. Ltd. 10) Bhagashree Kadam B.Sc. (CS)
Wipro WASE 11) Rasika Deshpande B.Sc. (CS)
iGATE Patni Computers 12) Tanuja Vaidya B.Sc. (CS)
  13) Prachi Ulhe B.Sc. (CS)
  14) Pooja Tankasale B.Sc. (CS)
  15) Suraj Renuse BCA
Syntel 16) Trishala Bhalerao M.Sc. (CS)
  17) Rupali Hawaldar M.Sc. (CS)
  18) Smita Johari M.Sc. (CS)
  19) Chaitrali Kate B.Sc. (CS)
  20) Pooja Pawar BCA
  21) Suhas Kolsakar B.Sc. (CS)
Infosys Technology 22) Hirsingh Rajpurohit B.Sc. (CS)
  23) Rohini Nivangune B.Sc. (CS)
  24) Vishal Kalokhe B.Sc. (CS)
Infosys BPO 25) Priyanka Mane B.Com
eClerx Services Pvt. Ltd. 26) Kalpana Bandal B.Com
  27) Kunal Sahani B.Com
KPIT Cummins 28) Mayuri Toshar BCA
Agile Technosys 29) Ramakant Prajapati B.Sc. (CS)
  30) Rahul Jadhav B.Sc. (CS)
  31) Sangmitra Mulay B.Sc. (CS)
  32) Pratik Toke B.Sc. (CS)
Crest Premdia 33) Neelam Kangude BCA
L & T Infotech 34) Aditya Dixit M.Sc. (CS)
Cognizant 35) Amruta More B.Sc. (CS)
eClerx Services Pvt. Ltd. 36) Renuka Kalbhor B.Sc. (CS)
  37) Vijay Kante B.Sc. (CS)
  38) Shruti Huli B.Sc. (CS)
  39) Prashant Kadu BCA
  40) Chetan Dixit B.Sc. (CS)
  41) Kanchan Pawale B.Sc. (CS)
Infosys BPO 42) Shruti Pujari B.Com
Tech Mahindra 43) Priyanka Nivangune B.Sc. (CS)
AmiWorks 44) Swapnil Sutar M.Sc. (CS)
  45) Harshal Dengale M.Sc. (CS)
  46) Sayali Parakhi M.Sc. (CS)
Wipro 47) Poonam Gaikwad M.Sc. (CS)
IGATE 48) Reeta Naik B.Sc. (CS)
Peristent Systems 49) Shrikrishna Mohol (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
  50) Pankaj Mulay M.Sc. (CS)
eClerx Services 51) Pallavi Patil B.Sc. (CS)
  52) Babita Shetty B.Sc. (CS)
  53) Balaji Kadam B.Sc. (CS)
  54) Sheetal Ghare BCA
  55) Ashwini Mapari BCA
  56) Pranoti Sanas B.Sc. (CS)
Wipro 57) Rahul Kulkarni B.Sc. (CS)
KI Systems and Services Pvt. Ltd. 58) Pallavi Gogawale (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
  59) Yogini Balakwade (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
  60) Madhavi Tarawade (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
Cognizant 61) Saloni Subakade TY B.Sc. (CS)
  62) Sharad Palaskar TY B.Sc. (CS)
eClerx Services 63) Mandar Shinde TY BCA
  64) Snehal Lokure TY B.Sc. (CS)
  65) Rohit Deshpande TY B.Sc. (CS)
Zensar Technologies 66) Aditya Muley TY B.Sc. (CS)
  67) Nikhil Shirshat TY BCA
Androzen software Solutions 68) Vaibhav Kolaskar (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
  69) Akshay Mahadik (Internship) M.Sc. (CS)
Infosys Technology 70) Poonam Sahani TY B.Sc. (CS)
Xoriant solutions Pvt. Ltd. 71) Karan Sapate TY B.Sc. (CS)
  72) Tejal Bhujbal B.Sc. (CS)
  73) Sameer khurd M.Sc. (CS)
  74) Sonali Paygude M.Sc. (CS)
  75) Priyanka Gavankar M.Sc. (CS)
  76) Yogini Balakwade M.Sc. (CS)
  77) Sayali Gole M.Sc. (CS)
Cape gemini 78) Vaibhav Kolaskar M.Sc. (CS)
StarK digital Media services 79) Sagar Jagtap M.Sc. (CS)
  80) Akshay Kulkarni M.Sc. (CS)
  81) Mamata Kate M.Sc. (CS)
TCS 82) Pratiksha Ostwal TY B.Com
  83) Harshal Mohire TY
  84) Karishma Aaamale TY B.Com
  85) Ratnadeep Kagade TY B.Sc. (CS)
  86) Yashraj Shetty TY B.Sc. (CS)
  87) Nupura Gheware TY B.Sc. (CS)
  88) Manisha Kumbhare TY B.Sc. (CS)
  89) Neha Dhole TY B.Sc. (CS)
Harbinger Systems 90) Vatsal Joshi M.Sc. (CS)
Wipro 91) Rupali Umagol M.Sc. (CS)
eClerx Services Pvt. Ltd. 92) Shweta Chhane TY B.Sc. (CS)
  93) Swaroop Deshpande TY B.Sc. (CS)
  94) Neha Dhole TY B.Sc. (CS)
  95) Gayatri Dalvi TY B.Sc. (CS)
  96) Snehal Bhosale TY B.Sc. (CS)
  97) Omkar Gavakhadkar TY BCA
  98) Harshal Mhaske TY BCA
  99) Manulla Khan TY BCA
Capegemini 100) Nivedita Tandale TY B.Sc. (CS)
WNS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. 101) Asmita Gaikwad TY B.Com
  102) Priya Kangude TY B.Com
  103) Reshma Jagtap TY B.Com
  104) Shrishailya Atre TY B.Com
  105) Umesh Sabale TY B.Com
  106) Suraj Thakur TY B.Com
  107) Vikram Girhe TY B.Com
Zensar Technologies 108) Mahesh Sonawane TY B.Sc. (CS)
  109) Mayur Sonawane TY B.Sc. (CS)
  110) Shubham Nalawade TY B.Sc. (CS)
Capgemini 111) Rahul Khilare TY B.Sc. (CS)
Infosys Technology 112) Kajal Sonawane TY B.Sc. (CS)
Fiserv Software Pvt. Ltd. 113) Karishma Shinde TY B.Sc. (CS)


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