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Various Activities Conducted during Year 2016 – 2017

Co-curricular Activities

1. Topic: - Guest Lecture On Naturopathy (Date -25 June 2016)
Details: - Dr.Vinaya Punde gave lecture for teachers & all the students.

2. Topic: - Guest lecture on Entrepreneurship Development cell. (Date-6 August 2016)
Details: - Mr. Suhas Deshmukh gave lecture for all B.Sc., B.C.A students and S.Y. and T.Y.B.Com students.

3. Topic: - Technical Session on Digital transformation. (Date-9 August 2016)
Details: - Mr. Surujit Kaur conducted Technical session on digital transformation for B.Sc. (C.S.) and B.C.A. students.

4. Topic: - Guest lecture on Career in Banking (Date-19th August 2016)
Details: - Mr.J.K.Deshpande (B.Sc, LLB) gave lecture for B.Com students.

5. Topic: - Guest lecture on Cloud Computing (Date-20th August 2016)
Details: - Miss.Renuka Zope gave lecture for S.Y, T.Y, M.Sc(C.S) students.

6. Topic: - Guest lecture on IT Industry Insight (Date-20th August 2016)
Details: - Mr.Mahendra Kulkarni (Sr.Manager IBM) conducted lecture for BBA (C.A) students. .

7. Topic: - Guest lecture on Customer Relationship Management (Date-24th August 2016)
Details: - Mr.Kunal Deshpande (Infosys ltd) delivered lecture for T.Y.B.Sc, M.Sc students.

8. Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date-25th August 2016)
Details: - PTM arranged for F.Y, S.Y, T.Y.B.B.A (C.A) students.

9. Topic: - Induction program (Date-26th August 2016)
Details: - Induction program conducted for 11th commerce students.

10. Topic: - Guest lecture on Data Warehousing & its real life use in various industries (Date-30th August 2016)
Details: - Mr.Sachin R.Sakle (Sr.Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra) conducted lecture for S.Y, T.Y.B.C.A. students. .

11. Topic: - Guest lecture on Career Guidance in commerce (Date-24th Sep 2016)
Details: - Mr.Nitesh Warkhede gave lecture for S.Y, T.Y.B.Com students.

12. Topic: - Guest lecture on Diet and nutrition (Date-26th Sep 2016)
Details: - Mrs.Shraddha Sathe gave lecture for all B.Com girls students.

13. Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date-8th Dec 2016)
Details: - PTM arranged for F.Y.B.Sc (C.S) students.

14. Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date-9th Dec 2016)
Details: - PTM arranged for F.Y.B.Com students.

15. Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date-19th Dec 2016)
Details: - PTM arranged for S.Y, T.Y.B.Sc (C.S) students.

16. Topic: - Guest lecture on Research Methodology (Date-26th Dec 2016)
Details: - Dr.S.S.Kaptan delivered lecture for Faculty of M.C.S.C. Pune

17. Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date-27th Dec 2016)
Details: - PTM arranged for S.Y, students.

18. Topic: - Speech Competition of Cognitive Exchange through Video conferencing sessions (Date-24th Dec 2016)
Details: - This Competition was conducted for all students.

19. Topic:- Live Telecast of Dr.Prakash Jawadekar (Date-30th Dec 2016)
Details: - This lecture was telecasted for all the students.

20. Topic: - Workshop on Android app Development (Date-12th Jan 2017)
Details: - Mr. Prasanna Arthekar gave lecture for T.Y.B.Sc, T.Y.B.C.A, M.Sc (C.S) students.

21. Topic: - Technical Session on Web services (Date-13th Jan 2017)
Details: - Mr. Amit Mohol (CEO & Director of Stark Digital Media services gave lecture for T.Y.B.Sc, T.Y.B.C.A, M.Sc (C.S) students.

22. Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date-17th Jan 2017)
Details: - PTM arranged for B.Sc (C.S),, B.C.A students.

23. Topic: - Guest lecture on Drupal (Date-24th Jan 2017)
Details: - Mr.Amol Patil delivered lecture for T.Y. B.Sc (C.S) students.

24. Topic: - Guest lecture on Exam Preparation (Date-25th Jan 2017)
Details: - Mr.Shrikant Paranjape (Graphologist) delivered lecture for T.Y.B.C.A,T.Y. B.Sc (C.S) students.

25. Topic: - Graduation Day Ceremony (Date-30th Jan 2017)
Details:- Dr.Shirish Chindhade gave degree certificates to B.Sc. (C.S), B.Com, B.C.A, M.Sc. (C.S) students.

26. Topic: - Guest lecture on Hibernate (Date-04th Feb 2017)
Details: - Mr.Mangesh Khole delivered lecture for T.Y. B.Sc (C.S) students.

27. Topic: - Guest lecture on preparation for examination (Date-07th Feb 2017)
Details: - Mr.Shrikant Paranjape delivered lecture for B.Com students.

28. Topic: - Inauguration of Women Harassment Cell. (Date-1st March 2017)
Details: - Inauguration by Mrs.Smita Kulkarni.

29. Topic: - Interactive session with Alumina Sagar Jagtap Career opportunity in PHP in IT industry. (Date-4th March 2017)
Details: - To bridge the gap between industry & institute for T.Y.B.Sc,T.Y.B.C.A & M.Sc (C.S) students.

30. Topic: - Guest lecture on E.V.S. (Date-4th March 2017)
Details: - Mr.Nikhil Ranjankar B.E (E&TC), (Member of Lokayat Group) delivered lecture for S.Y. B.Sc (C.S), S.Y.B.Com students.

31. Topic: - Off line test of Stark digital Media Services Pvt.Ltd. (Date-7th March 2017)
Details:- For T.Y.B.Sc(C.S) ,T.Y.B.C.A students.

32. Topic: - E.V.S.field Trip (Date-7th March 2017)
Details: - E.V.S. field Trip arranged at Mahatma Phule Agriculture College, Pune for S.Y. B.Sc (C.S), S.Y.B.Com students.

33. Topic: - Tech-Fest Project Exhibition. (Date-8th March 2017)
Details:- Guest- Amit Mohol (Dir.Of Media services Pvt.Ltd), Aaditya Dixit (LNT Infotech, Pune), Aabhijit Dharudkar(Sigma Soft Pune)


Topic: - Two days state level seminar on Stress Management Strategies In today’s competitive Era. (Date-6th Jan to 7th Jan 2017)

Details: - Professionals & Experts from IT industries & education stream were invited to guide the students.

Resource Persons:-

- Mr. Rahul Bagale (Manager, Lear Corporation)
Inauguration and Chief Guest Dipti Panhalkar(Entrepreneur and Psychologist) Topic:-Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Stress management
- Mr.Shrikant P Paranjape (CEO,Graphology for you)
Topic:-Stress management Strategies through Graphology
- Dr. Alok Deodhar (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist,Samanvay Clinic)
Topic: - Strategies for Stress management
- Dr. Anjali Madhav Parvate (Associate Professor ,Kisan veer college)
Topic:- Stress management & Bhagvat Geeta
- Ashish Sharad Mane (Sr. Technical Engineer, cubix Microsystem pvt. Ltd)
Topic:- Stress management through Trekking & Mountaineering
- Charudatta B. Bhave (Director Bhave’s Capability Buliding Services)
Topic:-Management Games For Handling Stress
- Dr. Jyoti J. Rahalkar (Yoga Consultant, Preventive Medicine)
Topic: - Stress management through Yoga
Valedictory Session - Mr. Gurvinder Singh (Chairperson, Tarang Sports & Education Foundation)

Extra Curricular Activities

1. Topic: - International Yoga Day (Date –21 June 2016)
Details: - Warm-up exercises, yogasan were conducted by sports teacher Vishal Bhosale. Meditation, Pranayam conducted by Art of living teacher Jyoti Desai & Nimesh for all students.

2. Topic: - Soft skill session on Personality Development (Date -23 June 2016)
Details: - Barclay’s employee visited college campus and gave the lecture for interview preparation, resume writing for S.Y, T.Y (B.Sc.), B.Com. B.C.A, B.B.A (C.A) students.

3. Topic: - Art of Living Sessions (Date -27 June 2016 to 1 July 2016)
Details: - Art of living teacher Shamika Vaidya conducted session on breathing exercises for T.Y.B.Sc (C.s), T.Y.B.Com, T.Y.B.B.A (C.A) students.

4. Topic: - Guest Lecture On Traffic Awareness
Details:- Mr.Dhamale (Police Hawaldar), Mr.R.V.Deokar (Police Constable) [Pune city traffic control unit Kothrud Branch] conducted session for teachers & B.Com,B.Sc, B.B.A students

5. Topic: - Fresher’s party for F.Y.B.B.A.(C.A.) students. (Date-23 July 2016)
Details: - Fresher’s party for F.Y.B.B.A. (C.A.) students Organized by S.Y.B.B.A.(C.A) students.

6. Topic: - Gurupornima Celebration (Date -29 July 2016)
Details: - Gurupornima Celebrated by T.Y.B.Sc. (C.S.) students. Tree plantation by faculties of M.C.S.C Pune

7. Topic: - Fresher’s party. (Date-4 August 2016)
Details: -Fresher’s party for F.Y.B.Sc. (C.S.) students organized by T.Y.B.Sc (C.S.) students.

8. Topic: - Art of living follow-up sessions (Date-13th August 2016 &20 August 2016)
Details: - This session conducted for T.Y.B.Sc.(C.S),T.Y.B.C.A students.

9. Topic: - Art of living follow-up sessions (Date-27th August 2016)
Details: -This session conducted for T.Y.B.Sc.(C.S),T.Y.B.C.A students.

10. Topic:- Radio Mirchi Fresher’s Event (Date-1st Sep 2016)
Details: - Singing, Dancing competitions conducted by Radio Mirchi Team for B.Sc, B.Com, and B.C.A. students.

11. Topic: - Light Channel Session (Date-01st Feb 2017)
Details:-This session delivered by Mr.Sanjay Desai for all the students.

Cultural Activities

Various Cultural Competitions like Rangoli, Mehendi, Master Chef, and Antakshari were arranged to showcase the cultural talent & creativity of the students.

1. Topic: - Culture Week (Date-21st Dec to 24th Dec 2016)
Details: -
(Date-21st Dec 2016) Master chef Competition & Tattoo Day
(Date-22th Dec 2016) Antakshari Competition
(Date-23th Dec 2016) MAD Advertisement & Sell Competition & Mismatch Day
(Date-24th Dec 2016) Mehendi, Box-office Competition & Twins Day

Educational Visits Arranged By College

A field trip was arranged for all Second year students under Environment Awareness.

Topic: - EVS field Trip (Date –07-03-2017)
Details: - E.V.S.field Trip arranged at Mahatma Phule Agriculture College, Pune for S.Y. B.Sc (C.S), S.Y.B.Com students.

Industrial Visit of Barclays at Kharadi. (Date-10th March 2017)
Details:- This Visit arranged for T.Y.B.C.A & M.Sc (C.S) students.
[Soft skill session for the students resume writing & Mock interviews sessions]

Latest Updates

  • Seminars And Workshops
    >> Workshop on soft skill training on Personality Development, Resume Writing, Interview Techniques for students

    Barclay`s employees visited college campus on 23rd June 2016. They conducted soft skill training on Personality Development, Resume Writing, Interview Techniques for students.

  • Seminars And Workshops
    >> Campus hiring program : WNS i-Aspire. This program provides a corporate explosure to the students.

    Online test of WNS global Services Pvt Ltd was conducted for TY & MBA (Finance) llnd year students on  26th July 2016 at RSSP`s Maharashtra College of Science & Commerce, Kothrud. 

  • Achievements
    >> C Programming Competition

    Mr. Vinit More from S.Y.B.Sc won the first prize in C programming competition , held in Garware College , Pune

  • Achievements
    >> Individual Achievements - Pritam Adhirao Phalake (T.Y.BSc)

     He has participated as a Player in the Maharashtra Inter-District Senior Men’s Rugby Championship 2015.

  • Achievements
    >> Individual Achievements - Kamran liyakant Khan (FY BBA(CA))

    He has participated in the 17th senior national tennis Volleyball Championship 2016 Form 25 March 2016 to 27 March 2016 held at kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore, Karnataka. He secured 2nd place as player in this championship.

  • Achievements
    >> International Yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2016 at RSSP`s Maharashtra College of Science & Commerce.

    The yoga sessions conducted by sport teacher Vishal Bhosale and Art of living teachers. The session includes Exercises, Yoga and Pranayam. Meditation session was conducted by principal Dr. Mrs. Charusheela R.Birajdar madam.Enthusiastic participation of student,faculties and Principal.



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