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Dr.(Mrs.) Charusheela R. Birajdar
M.Com , L.L.B. , Ph.D.
Principal , MCSC.

Creating world class managers today for the complex world of tomorrow is the need of the time.

India dreams to become a techno power in the world which could be made possible by adopting world best policies and practices.

Industries need to have a continuous flow of competent man power , new knowledge and new technology so as to remain competitive globally. The colleges and industries are expected to supply such manpower. It is necessary to do goal directed efforts in that direction . Do not follow the heard . Only those with talent and passion can create history.

Do not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Do not shy away from performing any kind of job. Keeping main goal into focus is key to success. True authority is born from respect for good character and trustworthy of the individual.

We are giving value education to our students nearly 1400 in numbers. Hard work without advertisement is our motto. Number of academics, co-curricular , cultural and social activities are taking place in our campus.

Education has a definite purpose of social amelioration. It is necessary that the educated youth should extricate them self from the world of their own and involve themselves for betterment of society. Educated youth should not be selfish and self-centered. They should repay the debts to the society. We are giving them education in such a manner that social awareness will be molded accordingly.

Challenges before us are to take into account local, regional , national needs , to mobilize local talent through life long learning, to lay the foundation of sound society , to train necessary labour force for the country and to integrate research and training with the needs of industries and social reconstruction.


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