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International Yoga Day 2018

International Yoga Day(21st June)  2018 was celebrated in the College. Guest for the event was Mrs. Gauri Patil
50 members including students, teaching and non-teaching staff were participeted in this activity.

National Service Scheme 7 days Report of NSS Camp Activity 2017-2018

NSS unit of RSSP’s Maharashtra College of Science and Commerce  organized a special camp in the adopted village, Akole from 3 rd January 2018 to 9 th January 2018
The theme of the NSS Camp held this year was “SWATCH BHARAT SWASTHA BHARAT” under the guideline of Savitreebai phule  Pune University.

Red Dot Awareness Rally

On the occasion of International Women’s day, Red dot awareness Rally was organised by Rotary club of Inspira on 8 th March 2018. NSS Volunteers and Staff enthustically participated in the Rally. The Rally was started from Good luck chouck at 8 am , proceed FC road and culminate at Rani Laxmibai Statue near Balgandharv at 9 am .Students NSS volunteers actively took part as a volunteer to monitor the Rally.

The objective behind the Red Dot awareness rally is to create awareness among the people in making a clean and healthy Pune.

Rally on “ Swachh Bharat – Swasth Bharat

Rally on “ Swachh Bharat – Swasth bharat was flagged off by NSS Officer Mrs. Yogini Joshi in the presence of Principal , staff , Students and NSS volunteers .on 5 th February 2018. .The Rally started at 9.30 am. Around 100 students NSS volunteers actively participated in it . NSS volunteers were holding placards with slogans regarding “ Swachh Bharat – Swasth bharat. Rally covered the regions from the college, kishkindha Nagar,.Shivtirth Nagar chouck, tiranga mitra mandal, Jay bhavani nagar to the college. The volunteers participated in the rally with great enthusiasm. The rally ended at 11:30 am. Students were given snacks after the completion of rally.

Guest lecture on Capital Marketing

The guest lecture on capital Marketing was conducted on 29 th January 2018 for the students and NSS Volunteers. Mr. Sudhakar Kulkarni delivered the session on how to invest in capital marketing and what are the opportunities in it.

Pulse Polio Campaign on the National Immunisation day

On the occasion of National Immusination day , the NSS unit of the college in association with Rotary club of Pune Inspira participated in the project of Polio vaccination on 28 th January 2018. NSS volunteers administered the polio drops to nearly about 60 to 70 children in the areas like Bavdhan and Warje Malwadi . The NSS volunteers conducted polio booth activities as well as door to door campaign in the society were undertaken by the NSS volunteers during the day. Volunteers were provided with breakfast and lunch during their work of polio vaccination.

Guest Lecture on Smart Girl training

The guest lecture on Smart girl training was delivered by the guest speaker Mrs. Dhanashree Ombale on 25 th January 2018 for the girl students. The session was based on empowerment of girls. The points to be covered in the session were how to develop healthy mindset and how to deal with risk factors in the external environment and how to strengthen their relationships with their families as the primary support system.The lecture was ended with question answer session

Campus Cleaning Activity

The College Principal, NSS Officer , all teachning and non teaching staffs and students and NSS volunteers enthusiastically participated in cleaning the college ground on 25 th January 2018 to celebrate the Republic day ceremony on 26 th January 2018 on the college ground.

ROAD SAFETY WEEK 2018 (Vahatuk Police Saptaha)

Road safety week 2018 was celebrated in India from 11th of January (Thursday) to the 17th of January (Wednesday). On the occasion of Road Safety week 2018 , Guest lecture was arranged for the students on 17 th January 2018. To create awareness among the students regarding traffic rules and etiquette and to promote Safety measures on the road to prevent accidents.

Celebration of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand

The various activities were conducted on account of celebration of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand.Plastic products have become an integral part in everybody’s daily life. Disposal of plastic waste is a serious concern in India . they can have serious downsides on the environment and health.  To create awareness about Plastic waste disposal among the students.” Plastic Waste Disposal activity was held on 15 th January 2018. NSS Volunteers took enthusiastic part in collecting Pastic waste like carry bags, plastic bottles etc. around the college campus.

Yoga Session

Yoga session was held on 29 th Dec.2017 as a part of the NSS activity. Yoga trainer Mrs Gauri Patil was invited to conduct yoga sessions for the students.She taught much exercise, Pranayam , Surynamaskar etc. She also handled meditation class to relax the minds. All the NSS volunteers took part with great enthusiasm. All of them did the exercise and promised to continue in their day to day life. All of them were asked to do the exercise daily at early morning. The resource person motivated the students by teaching them the importance of Yoga in their day to day life.

Essay writing competition

An essay is a good method of simplifying and explaining the complex ideas. . Essays serve as a tool to test the students' knowledge by assessing their arguments, analyses, and specific examples, as well as the conclusions. When the students write an essay, they are actually trying to express themselves. Therefore, improving their essay writing skills, with appropriate vocabulary and well organized writing style, will only help them to express themselves in a more logical way. Besides, the students can show creativity in each stage of the process of writing an essay. It is an opportunity for them to use their imagination, produce words out of the pictures they have had in their minds and pen them down in a creative fashion. By improving their essay writing skills the students can grow to be a very talented and creative writer, speaker and a logical thinker. Essay Writting competition was held on 22 nd Dec.2017 for the students. All the Students and NSS volunteers took part in the competition with great enthusiasm The topic was given “ Mulagi Shikali Pragati jhali” The prizes were given to the winners.

Campus cleaning activity

The NSS unit of the college conducted a campus cleaning activity on 21 st December 2017 in the college premises. All the NSS Volunteers, teaching staff along with NSS officer were engaged in this cleaning programme.The NSS Programme officer Mrs.Yogini Joshi divided the NSS Volunteers into several groups. Each group members were allocated with a particular area for cleaning. These groups were asked to collect all the stones from the ground separately and waste such as dry leaves, twigs, papers etc and such as carry bags,plastic items etc. were collected separately. The area covered under the cleaning was approximately 50x70 meter. At the end the NSS Volunteers were provided snacks.

Ecoenzyme formation

The objective of the activity is to form ecoenzyme and to clean the lake in the kothrud area.Social activity on Formation of Eco Enzyme was arranged on 18 th Dec. 2017. The activity was done by the students under NSS.Our rivers are heavily polluted not only by industrial waste, but also by domestic sewage. As Eco -Enzymes is used to clean our water bodies, lakes, rivers and water reservoirs.Eco-Enzyme is prepared by simple elements like Jaggery ( 100 gm), Vegetable/fruit peels ( 300 gm), Water( 1 litre) carried out by simple fermentation process.

We prepared around 100 litres of Eco Enzyme with the help of the NSS volunteers. The ozone gas is accumulated in the bottles during fermentation process. It is necessary to release the gases once or twice a day for the first month by loosening the lid of the each bottle, The gas was released from each bottle with the help of the NSS volunteers. After 30 days just keep it for another 60 days in a dark place. The whole process will take 90 days. After 90 days, strain the solution and the liquid is ready for use. The solid can be used as manure or pesticide for farming.The prepared liquid solution is ecoenzyme which purifies the water. The training based on “how to form eco-enzyme” was given by art of living teacher Mr. Kishor Anadmane

No Vehicle Day

No Vehicle Day was celebrated in the college on 16 th Dec. 2017 as a part of NSS activity. Vehicles were not allowed in the college campus. "It is a small step to minimise the menace of air pollution in the city.” There was overwhelming response from all the students, Principal, teaching and non- teaching staff.



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