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Various Activities Conducted During Academic Year 2017-2018.

Curricular Activities

  • Guest lecture on project guidance by Amit Mohol . (Date: 21st July, 2017)

    Details: - for TY Bsc (cs), TY BBA (ca), Msc (cs) I and II.

    Objective: how to develop project?

  • Guest lecture on project guidance by Salil Sahastrabuddhe. (Date: 22nd July, 2017)

    Details: - for TY Bsc(cs), TY BBA(ca), Msc(cs) I and II.

    Objective: How to create project according to SDLC?

  • Poster presentation of EVS. (Date 9th September, 2017)

    Activity for : S.Y. Bcom students.

    Objective: to alert students about environmental issues

    Outcome: 14 groups participated

  • Theory paper solving session for DS (Data Structure). (Date: 15th September, 2017)

    Activity for : SY Bsc(cs) students

    By: Dipali Meher, Assistant Professor, Modern College, Ganesh Khind

  • Theory paper solving session for RDBMS. (Date: 16th september, 2017)

    Activity for : SY Bsc(cs) students

    by: Dr. Mrs. Pallavi Bulakh, Assistant Professor, Modern College, Ganeshkhind

    Objective: how to solve university theory question papers

  • Activity for Msc Sem I. (Date: 20th September, 2017)

    Human Rights education seeeion

    by : Mrs. Bhakti Dandekar, Assistant Professor, Kaveri College

  • EVS field Trip – Green Pharmacy, Sinhgad Road. (Date: 16th Nov, 17)

    Students of SY Bcom & Bsc(cs)

  • Guest lecture on ‘C Programming’. (Date: 18th Nov, 17)

    for FY Bsc(cs) & FY BBA(ca)

    by Mr. Nitin Kale, Corporate trainer

    Objective: to clear basic concepts of ‘C Programming’

  • EVS exhibition. (Date: 28th Nov, 17)

    Participants SY Bcom and Bsc(cs)

    Audience – all students

    Objective: to enhance creative ideas about solving environmental problems

    Outcome: students got platform to express their to express their ideas related with EVS 16 groups participated, huge response from students

  • Activity for FY Bcom. (Date: 29th Nov, 2017)

    Bank Account opening form filing activity

  • Purchase Procedure Document Poster Presentation. (Date: 4th Dec, 2018)

    Activity for SY Bcom

  • Industrial Visit to Katraj Dudh Dairy. (Date: 7th Dec, 17)

    Activity for T.Y. Bcom students

Co - Curricular Activities

  • Topic: - Principal’s address to First year students (5th July, 2017)

    Activity for : Students of F.Y. Bcom , F.Y. Bsc (cs), F.Y. BBA (ca).

    Objective : to make aware about disciplinary rules of college and curricular, co curricular and extra curricular activities

  • Topic: - Inauguration of commerce association and ED cell. (Date-19th July, 2017)

    Details: Mr.Suhas Deshmukh gave lecture for all B.Sc., B.C.A students and S.Y. and T.Y.B.Com students.

    Guest : Manjari Desai, Director MCCIA, Pune

    Activity for : students of F.Y., S.Y. and T.Y. B. Com

    Objective : to make students aware about entrepreneurial opportunities and MCCIA

  • Topic: - Computer quiz. (Date-20th July, 2017)

    Activity for: students of SY, TY Bsc(cs), BBA(ca)

    Judge: Mrs. S. Jadhav and Mrs. C. Patil

    Objective: to introduce with quiz environment to revise basic concept

    Outcome: got idea about their lacking areas

    Organised by : SY Bsc(cs) students

    winner: TY Bsc(cs) students

  • Topic: - Wall magzine on GST (Date-24th July, 2017)

    Activity for: F.Y. BBA(ca) students

    Objective – to knowledge about currently introduced GST system

  • Topic: - Guest Lecture by Abhijeet Dharurkar (Date: 29th July, 2017)

    Activity for : TY Bsc(cs), TY BBA (ca), MSC I & II

    Objective: Industrial application of JAVA

  • Topic: - Wall magezine (Date: 28th July,2017)

    Activity for: FY Bsc(cs)

    Subject: Android system, Nano technology

    Objective: to improve technical skill

    Outcome: 11 students actively participated in activity and learned to search technical data and got familiar with 2 new technologies

  • Topic: - Poster competition (Date: 8th Aug,2017)

    Activity for: FY Bsc(cs), FY BBA (ca)

    Subject: Digital media pros and cons Automation and robotics in today’s era

    Objective: to improve confidence of students, to boost for creative ideas

    outcome: 12 groups, 4 students each participated 4 winners declared

  • Topic: - Cloud computing (Date: 12th Aug, 2017)

    Activity for: TY Bsc(cs), TY BBA(ca)

    Guest: Salil Sahastrabudhhe

    Objective: to introduce with new technology

  • Topic: - Poster competition for SY Bsc(cs) and BBA (ca) (Date: 22nd Aug, 2017)

    Judge: Sagar Jagtap, Software engineer, Neo software Pune Ganesh Kadu, IS developer, Mobile Sutra Pvt Ltd.

    Objective: to introduce students about importance of cyber security through posters

    Outcome: winners of competition – Janhavi More, Preeti Patil, Vishakha Angre, Priyanka Rajwade - SY Bsc(cs)

  • Topic: - Poster presentation on ‘Banking Instruments’ (Date: 9th Oct, 2017

    Activity for : F.Y. Bcom .

  • Topic: - PTA meeting for F.Y. Bsc(cs) (Date: 16th Nov, 17)

    Objective: to discuss about behavior, attendance and progress of students.

  • Topic: - Guest lecture on Diet and nutrition (Date: 13th Nov, 17)

    Activity for : S.Y. ,T.Y. Bcom and Bcs(cs)

    Guest lecture on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) by Adv. Ganesh Hingamire, founder GMGC

    Outcome: students got knowledge about Patents, copyrights and GI

  • Topic: - Code chef (Date: 16th Dec, 17)

    Objective: to develop interest in programming

    participants – Bsc(cs), BBA(ca), Msc(cs)

    Outcome – 21 students participated

    UG: Swati Sapkal (SY Bsc(cs)) Ishwar Sathe (TY Bsc(cs)

    PG: Ajay Dhumal (Msc(cs)I)

  • Topic: - ‘C’ programming competition (Date: 9th Dec. 2017)

    Activity for: F.Y. Bsc(cs)

    Objective: to improve basic programming skills in ‘C’

    Outcome: 24 participants winners – Pravin Garad & Ashish Nishad F.Y. Bsc(cs)

  • Topic: - Advertisement Poster Presentation (Date: 11th Dec. 2017)

    Activity for : F.Y.Bcom

    Objective: To make conversant with print media Advt.

    Outcome: 20 groups of students participated

  • Topic: - PPT presentation – Advertisement : then and now (Date: 18th Jan 2018)

    Activity for F.Y. Bcom students

    Objective: to make students aware about changes in advertisement strategies

    Outcome: 14 groups participated

  • Topic: - Guest lecture on Capital markets by Sudhakar Kulkarni, NSE trainer (Date: 29th Jan 2018)

    Activity for : Bcom students

  • Topic: - Industrial Visit of TY BBA(ca) students (Date: 30th Jan 2018)

    Details: Barclays technology center 15 students participated.

  • Topic: - Sports week (Date: 29th Jan to 31st Jan 2018)

  • Topic: - Soft skill Workshop (Date: 2nd Feb., 2018 to 15th Feb., 2018)

    Details: for TY Bcom, Bcs(cs), BBA(ca).

  • Topic: - Guest lecture on Enhance Java (Date: 6th Feb., 2018 )

    Details: by Mr. Mangesh Khole, Software Engineer , Amdox Co..

  • Topic: - Parent Teacher Meeting (Date: 8th Feb. 2018)

    Details: PTA meeting for FY, SY, TY Bcom.

  • Topic: - Tech Fest (Date: 24th Feb 2018)

    Activity for TY Bsc(cs), TY BBA(ca) and Msc(cs)

    Guest: Mr.Charuhas Chiplunkar, Sr. Sofyware Engineer, Master Card Mr. Mahesh Gavali, DotNet developer, Zestrom

    Prizes: 1st – Prashant Raje, TY BBA(ca)
    2nd – Anshu Singh & Vidya Aabhale, TY Bsc(cs)
    3rd – Vinay Sharama, Alok Zende, Anup Yadav TY Bsc(cs)
    consolation – Janahvi Kanitkar, Msc(cs)

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Topic: - Yoga Day (Date: 21st June, 2017)

    Guest: Mrs. Vrushali Yeolekar

    Activity for: Students of S.Y. BCom, S.Y. Bsc (cs) and faculty members

    Objective: to introduce with befits of yoga

    The session was conducted according to the norms of Aayush. The warm up session was followed by sitting and standing yoga. The guest underlined importance of Yoga. The session was started and ended up with prayers.

  • Topic: - Guest lecture on Career guidance by Mr. Subhash Shahane (Date: 22nd July, 2017)

    Activity for : F.Y., S.Y., T.Y. Bcom students

    objective: to make aware students about MPSC, UPSC and Staff selection exams

    Outcome: Students understood the procedure of competitive exams

  • Topic: - Soft skill session (Date: 12th Aug, 2017)

    Activity for: FY , SY Bsc(cs), FY BBA(ca)

    Guest: Apurv Jambhekar

    Objective: to aware students about soft skills

    Outcome: 135 students participated, 10 soft skills introduced

  • Topic: - Gender sensitisation (Date: 5th Aug, 2017)

    Activity for: FY, SY, TY Bcom

    Guest: Dr. Sadhana Bhangre, Mr. Sharad Padwal

    Objective: to spread awareness about gender sensitivity

  • Topic: - Book Review competition (Date: 12th Aug, 2017)

    Activity for: FY, SY, TY Bcom

    Activity for all students

    Judge: Mrs. Shashi Jadhav & Dr. Anagha Ketkar

    Objective : to inculcate reading habits , to enhance extracurricular reading

    Outcome: 13 participants, improved presentation skills and book review skills 3 winners declared

  • Topic: - Guest lecture on Gandhiji’s life and work (Date: 3rd October, 2017)

    Activity for : FY, SY, TY Bcom, FY Bsc (cs), FY BBA(ca)

    by Dr. Kumar Saptarshi, President of Mahatma Gandhi Smarak Nidhi

    Objective: to create awareness about moral values like peace, truth and non-violence

    Outcome: 100 students were present

  • Topic: - Beti Bachao & Beti Padhao Diwali Celebration (Date: 14th Oct, 17)

    For all students

    Interactive session by Shraddha Marathe

    Objective: to create awareness about gender equality

  • Topic: - Lecture on formation of Ecoenzyme (Date: 8th Nov, 17)

    Guest: Kishor Adamane, Art of living teacher

    Activity for all students

    Objective: to create awareness about environmental need

  • Topic: - Formation of eco enzyme (Date: 14th Nov, 17)

    Guest: Kishor Adamane and team

    Activity: for all students

    Objective: to prepare ecoenzyme to clean lake in Kotharud area

  • Topic: - Heartfullness meditation by Mohan Kotwal (Date: 23rd, 24th, 25th Nov, 17)

    Objective – To give guidance about stress free life and increasing concentration

    Outcome – 100 students participated in programme and got knowledge about concentration techniques

  • Topic: - Business Fair (Date: 19th Dec. 2017)

    Guest: Kishor Adamane and team

    Activity for all students

    Objective – To get hands on experience of entrepreneurial skills

    Outcome – 25 groups of students participated. Students sold food items, greetings, showpieces, chocolate etc.

  • Topic: - Essay writing Competition (Date: 22nd Dec. 17)

    Activity for all students

    Objective: to develop linguistic skills of students

    16 students participated

  • Topic: - Cultural week (Date: 26th Dec. 2017 to 30th Dec. 17)

  • Topic: - Painting Exhibition – 25 students participated (26th Dec. 17)

    Mad Add – Winner: Msc(cs) I group- Nilesh Hojage, Purva Godambe, Akshay Kadu, Mukta Gosavi

  • Topic: - Master Chef (Date: 27th Dec. 17)

    winners- 1st Dhanashree Chalekar T.Y. Bcom
    2nd Prashant Pathak F.Y. Bsc(cs)
    3rd Shubhangi Sontakke F.Y. Bcom
    Purva Paranjpe F.Y. Bcom

  • Topic: - Antakshari (Date: 28th Dec. 17)

  • Topic: - Mehendi (Date: 29th Dec. 17)

    winners - 1st Rajashree Karambele T.Y. Bcom
    2nd Sayalee Haragane T.Y. Bcom
    3rd Manasi Pawar S.Y. Bcom


    winners - 1st Neel Wanner T.Y. Bcom
    2nd Arati Nanekar S.Y. Bcom
    3rd Sayali Bandal S. Y. Bcom

  • Topic: - Dance – 18 dance performance (Date: 30th Dec. 17)

  • Topic: - Campus cleaning (Date: 21st Dec. 2017)

    under Swacha Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyan

    NSS students participated

  • Topic: - NSS camp (Date: 3rd Jan 2018 to 9th Jan 2018)


  • Topic: - Vivekanand Jayanti Saptah (Date:17th Jan 2018)

    Activity for all students

    Guest lecture by Mr. Sharad Mane, Vivekanand Kendra Prashikshan Pramukh

    Objective: to encourage students to follow thoughts of Vivekanand

    Outcome: 150 students enthusiastically attended and participated in conversational lecture

  • Topic: - Vahtuk Niyaman ani Helmet jagruti Saptah (Date: 17th Jan 2018)

    Activity for all students

    Lecture by: API Mrs. Joshi and Police mitra

  • Topic: - Social Activity (Date: 28th Jan 2018)

    Students worked as Volunteer in Polio booth

  • Topic: - Smart girl training (Date: 25th Jan 2018)

    by Mrs. Dhanashree Ombale

  • Topic: - Annual Prize distribution (Date: 3rd Mar., 2018)

    Guest – Ashish Mane, Mountaineer, Shiv Chatrapati Purskar winner, Alumnus

  • Topic: - Convocation (Date: 5th Mar., 2018 )

    Guest – Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar



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